small intimate wedding

Georgie & Ben's intimate wedding | Documentary elopement photographer

Small in size, but huge in heart. This is how Georgie and Ben chose to spend their wedding day. Surrounded by only 20 of their nearest and dearest, they wed on the deck of Georgie's childhood home. Georgie described their approach to planning a day authentic to them:

"I guess without thinking about it really we just forgot the whole word ‘wedding’ as best we could and remembered the day wasn’t about anything other than getting married… while all the extra stuff is lovely, it doesn’t make the day any less or any more important so while we had a few of those extra things, they certainly weren’t the most important part and we cut a lot of things out...there’s so much pressure to have this perfect day. Our day poured rain, we got filthy & ended up wearing gumboots all day.. it was far from glamorous but it was awesome. We had the best time ever & that’s what made it perfect."

Thank-you so much for having me lovelies, and for being part of the inspiration behind Less Stuff - More Meaning. So much love x