Sweet bubba Vanessa | Natural light family photographer Central Coast

Oh I love photographing families, especially cute bubbas and smitten parents! I get to goo and gah and get my baby fix, all in the name of providing family photos!

This session is a great example of going with the rhythm of the day. Sweet Vanessa (and Mum and Dad) were in much need of sleep on the day…so we just took a leisurely beach stroll and I came back another day to capture our ‘in home’ images. I promise having your photo taken is not scary, and you need not have a ‘perfect’ home or child, because what shines the brightest, is your love.

See their full collection of images in their album here:

Happy Mother's Day | Natural beach family photos Central Coast

As I get older Mum

leave the light on

and I will always find my way home


As I get older Mum

leave the door open

and I will always make my way in


As I get older Mum,

leave your arms open

so I have somewhere safe to go


As I get older Mum

leave your eyes open

so you can see me for who I am and what I have become.


And as I get older Mum,

leave your heart open

and I will fill it with the most beautiful memories.


Written by Davin for his wife Kylie.

Paradise | Badu Island, Torres Strait

The first of (hopefully many) travel adventures with my boys...This trip was well overdue to visit one of my dearest and oldest friends Kerri, currently living in the Torres Strait. It's amazing though what the lure of a cute curly haired baby can do, so with no time to waste we booked our tickets and off we went!

Thank-you SO much for being so welcoming and showing us the delights of Badu. Special thanks to Tanu and Uncle Robbie for giving my boys a fishing adventure they'll never forget, Charlotte for opening up your home, and everyone who happily jumped in front of the camera. I'll be sending the photos soon x

Home | Relaxed family photographer Central Coast

Home is not where, it's when.

The harmonious feeling when we are clear, when our heart, thoughts and actions are in flow and in synchronicity. When we do what love does. When you are most you, and you are in all consciousness, this is home.

We've been home the entire time, we just need to remember now and then...when.

Janise Huckerby.

"Hi Sandra,
Just wanted to quickly say thanks again for today.  You did an amazing job making everyone feel right at home getting their photo taken.
I know Dad was very happy too, and quite emotional afterwards as he looks forward to such priceless memories you captured today.
So thank you again for giving up a lazy Sunday morning sleep in with your own family to capture ours.
Xxx Kerryn."

Nic and Rob celebrate 34 years together | Candid couples photography Central Coast, Newcastle

Nic and Rob decided to throw any self-consciousness out the door, and give themselves the gift they had wanted for ages, some photos together. Something natural and authentic, and in their most sentimental locations. Their laughter, friendship and a natural ease with each other was beautiful to witness. Connection and heart, my fave things. 

Smitten by their love story of 34 years, we also interviewed Rob and Nic for Less Stuff - More Meaning. You can read their feature here

Enchanting | Natural pregnancy photography Central Coast

It’s up to us
to re-enchant this planet Earth

We are the elves and giants
we are the shining ones
daughters of the Moon and
sons of the Sun

We are the shapeshifters
we are the mysterious light
shrouded in mists at
the dawn of our time
it’s up to us to re-enchant
this living planet Earth

Up to us to midwife
at our own rebirth
up to us to send our dead
along their
ancient pathways to the future
up to us to re-enchant this
living planet Earth

It’s up to us to break the spell
that steals the colours
from the world
and leaves it lifeless
it was our spell
we can break it

It’s up to us to break the spell
that steals the music from
the Wind and the Rain
it is our spell
we can break it

We will dance the magic dance
and our bodies will remember
we will sing the magic songs
and together we’ll remember
how to live together
how to love each other
how to ride the eagle
how to call the deer

Will Ashe Bacon

Kind words | Natural family photography capturing emotion

When this email landed in my inbox I thought my heart would burst! Can't thank-you enough Zoe, could totally squeeze you both right now! May the good vibes come straight back to you! 

"I had a photo session by you with my son Aiden and I back in late 2013 and absolulety love love love the natural and relaxed way you captured us both. I remember being a little nervous about the shoot as it was just my son and I but you were soo lovely as soon as I met you I just felt at ease and to this day Aiden still carries around the mini photo book we got with the package, he packs it in his suitcase every time he has a sleepover!
So a lot has happened since our last meeting and I'm now engaged! I haven't yet set a date, time, venue, sorted a dress or any of the important details you need to do in preparing for a wedding however the one thing I don't need to give any thought to is choosing a photographer as I know I'd love to have you!" Zoe.

Winter Special - Heirloom Fine Art Album | Photographers Central Coast, Sydney, Hunter Valley

As our memories fade, our photographs become even more meaningful. Images that we can touch, feel, connect over, to re-live those emotions become a family treasure. No amount of screen time can create the same experience. These heirloom albums are an investment yet their value is priceless.

This winter I would like to make fine art albums more affordable to my families and couples, and am offering a $200 discount on any album purchased in these chilly months.

So grab some choccies, a vino, snuggle up and savour this beautiful family of yours.